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What do you call the funds left over after a foreclosure? Surplus funds.

Welcome to Rebel Asset Recovery, where we help our clients recover unclaimed surplus funds.


Correspondences with clients to understand their needs, challenges, and goals; conducting research and analysis to provide suitable solutions; preparing and presenting proposals or reports; conducting meetings and workshops for problem-solving or strategic planning; implementing agreed-upon actions, and overall managing the client relationship.


Complete the claim form and fill in the claim form, usually provided on the same platform where the unclaimed fund was found. Information typically required includes personal identification, contact details, and potentially providing proof of connection to the funds (e.g., a past address).


Wait for confirmation. Typically, it may take a few weeks or months for the claim to be processed and approved. The relevant authority will usually confirm if more information or documents are needed.

Asset Recovery & Excess Proceeds

What is Asset Recovery? The terms “asset recovery” and “excess proceeds” could also refer to a specific part of the real estate industry, where surplus funds (often resulting from events such as foreclosure auctions) are identified and returned to their rightful owners – potentially for a finder’s fee.

Rigorous Skip Tracing

We do thorough skip tracing which involves conducting investigations with discretion, respect, and professionalism to avoid alienating debtors or causing unnecessary friction. Tactful skip tracing not only enhances the chances of locating the claimant but also establishes a solid foundation for future calls.

Honorable Notarization

The main purpose of notarizing documents is to ensure proper execution and to deter fraud.The role of a Notary Public cannot be replicated by individuals in the general public.

Consistent Client Relations

Effective client management is the foundation of Rebel Asset Recovery we clearly and consistently communicate throughout the claim.

We work directly with the County

Check Public Records

We look at county and state records for tax sales and foreclosure auctions. Most U.S. municipalities have online databases where you can search these records. Moreover on occasion they are typically published in local newspapers or their websites. We in addition network with and connect with real estate professionals who can lead us to potential surplus funds.

Direct Lists From The County

We acquire lists of surplus funds straight from the county. We skip trace county websites to obtain unclaimed funds as well as pursue leads through other professional means.

We Bear All Legal Fees

We finance all legal fees on our side. This also ensures a fair transaction for our clients. We have meeting’s with attorney’s on call ready to help us with any legal paperwork that is required.

No Up-Front Costs

We do not charge upfront costs because our business model is primarily based on success fees. This means we only collect a fee if we are successful in filing the claim and the client gets paid.

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